One Wish For VTA For Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl Sunday is NOW. I just made my first video commentary on what VTA must do at Super Bowl 50 to ensure a possible transit sales pass this fall passes. I also describe the consequences for VTA if things seriously go wrong at their end.

This same commentary was given at last Thursday’s VTA Board of Directors meeting in San Jose. More on that meeting in an upcoming post.

Let’s hope that VTA and especially the NFL has learned from the transit nightmare of Super Bowl XLVIII.

Eugene Bradley
Founder, Silicon Valley Transit Users

Super Bowl 50 (Transit Hell) Week

Both Super Bowl 50 teams have landed and are in their hotels. This is the start “Super Bowl Week” where Sunday’s game will be hyped up. All this week, many football celebration events in San Francisco and San Jose will take place. These are detailed in the Super Bowl 50 transit guide just finished.

Monday’s Super Bowl 50 activities culminate with Super Bowl Opening Night at SAP Center in San Jose. The transit guide to SAP Center details all train and bus alternatives to driving and parking hassles.

Even with extra trains added, expect standing room only (SRO) conditions on BART, Caltrain, and especially VTA light rail as fans shuttle between events in San Jose and San Francisco. If you frequently use these transit agencies, allow extra travel time this week. If possible, leave early so that you avoid these crowds.

Also, expect standing-room only conditions on VTA bus lines serving downtown San Jose like the 522 Rapid, 323 limited stop, 22 and 64.

Keep up with the transit alerts in the San Jose area by following @svtransitupdts on Twitter.

More info later this week…

Eugene Bradley
Founder, Silicon Valley Transit Users

Web Site Changes Upcoming…

As you can see, a new format for our web site is being tested. The new web site format format being tested is designed to work better with smart phones and tablets, in addition to desktops. If all testing works well, the new format will be rolled out next week.

All functions in the new format will be carried over as much as possible.  Please indicate in the Comments section what you think of the new web site format. Thank you for your input and time.

Eugene Bradley
Founder, Silicon Valley Transit Users