Caltrain is a 77-mile commuter rail system that serves communities between San Francisco, San Mateo, Palo Alto, San Jose, and Gilroy.

Caltrain Customer Service and Management

Caltrain’s Customer Service number is 1(800)660-4287.  Their administrative number is (650)508-6200.  Also, please make sure to send a copy of your letter to the Silicon Valley Transit Users as well.

Information on riding Caltrain, and how to identify Caltrain run numbers on the schedule and on physical trains, is available here.

In your compliment or complaint, spell out the incident in as full detail as possible. Include the date, time, and train number you were riding. Also include where you got on or off Caltrain when the incident occurred. Most importantly, get the name of the head conductor of the train where the incident took place.  Make sure to send a copy of your letter to the Silicon Valley Transit Users as well.

Who Represents Santa Clara County At Caltrain?

Santa Clara County has three (3) representatives on the Caltrain “Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board” (JPB). Here is how to contact them:

These are just three of the nine Caltrain JPB members who have final say on Caltrain policy, service, and fares.

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  1. Does CalTrain idle their engines at the station in Santa Clara ? There is quite a smell of diesel coming into my parents apartment located less than a mile away. The smell is there all night too. Doesn’t this seem like a terrible idea as far as public health and the environment is concerned? Thank you for your response in advance.

  2. Is the Caltrain not child friendly?

    My small children love to take the train up to beautiful San Francisco on weekends…but almost every time we are lectured about or told that there is no designated area to store our baby stroller. Why is that? And why are we told that the bicycle area is for bicycles only? There is also no sign on the outside of the—long—train to let us know where to put our stroller. I see a bicycle storage area sign though. In a time when we are allowing dogs and parrots on planes, why is it so hard to accommodate the tax-paying parents who want to bring their kids along on the train? Shall I take the car next time? My kids are future tax payers and voters. Want them to vote for the bullet train one day? Then please make it easy for them to ride your train—not my car. Thanks for listening.

    • Gerhard:
      Thank you for commenting. Did you write to Caltrain about this, using the tips given above?
      Also, one question about your baby stroller – is it foldable? That will help determine how best to store it when using Caltrain.
      Eugene Bradley
      Founder, Silicon Valley Transit Users

  3. Terrible incident management, Caltrain should hire consultants from Japan to learn how incidents on the tracks can be handled such that the delays for all passangers are minimized, because Frankly they don’t have a clue. I also can’t believe that they are talking about increasing fares when oil prices are at historic lows.

  4. indo not care for when Caltrain closes it’s doors in front of me the past 2 days!! I work in Palo alto and my employer pays for the train pass. The 3:25 train going south does this to me and a lit more others. I have reported this behavior to stanford as well so they may contact you in this regard. NOT VErY GOOd bUSINeSS! Keep it up and you will lose business’m

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