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Farmers’ Markets In Silicon Valley

Mountain View Farmers’ Market

Held every Sunday from 9am-2pm, the Mountain View Farmers’ Market is located in the parking lot of the Mountain View Caltrain Station:

Besides Caltrain, VTA light rail from San Jose and Campbell serves the Farmers’ Market at the VTA light rail station, in back of the northbound Caltrain platform. Also the VTA’s 35 bus line serves this Farmers’ Market at the bus plaza on the southbound side of the Caltrain tracks.

El Camino Hospital Farmers’ Market (Mountain View)

From 10am until 2pm every Friday this fall, El Camino Hospital has its weekly farmers’ market in the parking lot near the Emergency Room entrance. El Camino Hospital is on Grant Road just south of El Camino Real in Mountain View.

VTA’s 51 bus line serves El Camino Hospital on Grant Road.  The 51 bus line only runs on weekdays about once an hour duing the time the Farmers’ Market is being held.

The El Camino Hospital Farmers’ Market is also a 6-minute bicycle ride from El Camino Real and Grant Road. VTA’s 22 bus line has a bus stop at El Camino Real and Grant Road. (This information was also obtained from Google Maps.)

Santa Clara Farmers’ Market

The Santa Clara Farmers’ Market is held every Saturday from 9am-1pm all year-round on Jackson St. between Benton St. and Homestead Road in Santa Clara:

The VTA’s 60 bus line serves this Farmers’ Market at Monroe and Franklin (Franklin Mall) bus stop. Also, VTA’s 81 bus line also serves this Farmers’ Market at the Benton/Jackson stop:

The Farmers’ Market is on the other side of Franklin Mall. It is also 1/2 mile west (7 blocks) from the Santa Clara Caltrain Station and Transit Center, and 3 blocks west of Santa Clara University.

Sunnyvale Farmers’ Market

The VTA’s 32, 54, and 55 bus lines serve the Sunnyvale Farmers’ Market, held every Saturday from 9am-1pm on the corner of Murphy and Washington in downtown Sunnyvale. This Farmers’ Market runs year-round.

The Sunnyvale Farmers’ Market is a 5-7 minute walk from the Sunnyvale Caltrain station.

Morgan Hill Farmers’ Market

The Morgan Hill Farmers’ Market will be held every Saturday from 9am-1pm until about December. The Farmers’ Market is located along the East 3rd Street Promenade from Monterey Road, up to and including the Caltrain station parking lot.

VTA’s 68 bus line stops on Monterey and 3rd in Morgan Hill – on the western end of the Promenade.

Downtown (San Jose)

Downtown San Jose has the new San Pedro Square Market at San Pedro Square. Our Downtown San Jose Transit Guide has specific details on VTA buses and light rail within a short walk of San Pedro Square.

Campbell Farmers’ Market

The Farmers’ Market in Campbell runs every Sunday from 9am-1pm all year round. The Farmers’ Market is a single block away from VTA’s 26 bus line with stops on Civic Center Drive (next to the Library, for buses going to Fair Oaks or Lockheed) and Orchard City Drive (by the railroad tracks, for buses going to Eastridge). The Farmers’ Market is also a 3-minute walk from the Campbell light rail station.

Saratoga Village Farmers’ Market (Wendesdays)

Every Wednesday from 2:30pm-7pm, the Saratoga Village Farmers’ Market takes place at Blaney Plaza at Hwy. 9 and Saratoga Avenue in Saratoga.

VTA’s 53 bus line is within a short walk of this Farmers’ Market. A bus stop at Saratoga and Saratoga/Los Gatos Rd. serves the Farmers’ Market from Sunnyvale or nearby West Valley College.

West Valley Community College Farmers’ Market (Saturdays)

Every Saturday from 9am-1pm, the West Valley Community College Farmers’ Market takes place. The Market itself is located in Lot 3 at 14000 Fruitvale Avenue in Saratoga. Lot 3 is a 5-minute walk from the College Transit Center at the southeast corner of Fruitvale Ave. and Allendale Rd. VTA’s 57 bus line serves the Transit Center on Saturdays.

Gilroy “Spice Of Life” Farmers’ Market

Held every Friday from 3:30pm to 7:30pm, the Gilroy “Spice Of Life” Farmers’ Market features fresh fruits and vegetables from farms in and around Gilroy.

VTA’s 68 bus lines stops within a short walk of the Farmers’ Market, at the Fifth and Monterey bus stop.

Willow Glen (San Jose) Farmers’ Market

The Willow Glen Farmers’ Market is located within the Willow Glen Community & Senior Center, at 2175 Lincoln Avenue in San Jose.  This Farmers’ Market is sponsored by the Urban Village Farmers Market Association.

VTA’s 26 and 64 bus lines stop within a 5-10 minute walk of the Senior Center, at the corners Curtner and Lincoln Ave. respectively.

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    • Mary Ann:
      Yes. There is a Farmers’ Market in downtown Palo Alto every Saturday morning from 8am-noon on Gilman St., behind the Post Office.
      This Farmers’ Market is 3 blocks northeast of the Palo Alto Caltrain Station. In addition to Caltrain, station is served by VTA’s 21, 22, and 522 Rapid bus lines, and SamTrans’ ECR bus line.

      Note that this Farmers’ Market guide will be revised shortly, to reflect this and other “night market” happenings throughout the South Bay. Stay tuned.

      Eugene Bradley
      Founder & CEO, Silicon Valley Transit Users.

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