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This area of our web site is dedicated to news and hidden facts about Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and the Valley Transportation Authority’s goal of bringing the system to Santa Clara County.  The project is also known as the “Silicon Valley Rapid Transit Corridor.”  Extensions of BART to SFO/Millbrae and the proposed BART extension to Warm Springs are also mentioned here.  An explanation of each area of this page is below.

In addition to the latest BART system updates, a history of the cost overruns of all BART projects will be mentioned here.  This gives you an idea on potential increases in your taxes that may be needed to ensure the proposed San Jose BART extension becomes a reality. 



SFO/Millbrae Extension

News on the currently operating BART extension to San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and Millbrae will be mentioned here.  Events on this extension will ultimately dictacte the success – or failure – of the BART extension into Santa Clara County.

History of Cost Overruns

Every BART project ever built – from the initial line from MacArthur to Fremont in 1972 to the recently-opened extension to San Francisco Airport – has been at least 100% over its original projected budget.  The following stories details why these cost overruns happen, who truly benefits from them – and who loses.

BART Today

BART Future

San Jose Extension

More information coming soon!

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