California Transportation Commission (CTC)



The California Transportation Commission (CTC) was created in 1978 out of the need for a single, unified transportation policy for all of California.

The CTC consists of 11 voting members and two (2) ex-officio (non-voting) members. Of the 11 voting members:

The two (2) ex-officio members are appointed from California’s State Senate and State Assembly. They are typically the chairs (heads) of the transportation policy committees in each house.

What Are the CTC’s Duties?

The CTC budgets and distributes state funding for highway construction, in addition to rail and bus service improvements throughout California. The CTC also advises the California State Legislature on developing and evaluating California’s transportation policies and plans. The CTC also serves as California’s advocate for state and federal laws to ensure transportation funding for California.

Who Are the CTC Commissioners & How Are We Represented Locally?

Here is a list with photos and contact information for all CTC members.

Silicon Valley is represented at the CTC by

Carl Guardino
CEO, Silicon Valley Leadership Group
2001 Gateway Place, Suite 101E
San Jose, CA 95110

Carl Guardino was appointed by then-Governor Schwarzenegger to the CTC in September 2009. He was re-appointed in April 2011. His term expires in February 2015.

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