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Help Return Light Rail Shuttle Buses ASAP

As of July 5, it has been 40 days since the tragic shootings of May 26 at Guadalupe Rail Yard in San Jose.  It’s been that long since VTA light rail service last ran. 

Over the Memorial Day weekend, VTA ran shuttle buses along the light rail line – sometimes with buses and drivers from other agencies. The Twitter photo above documents this.

Due to “limited staffing,” VTA stopped these shuttle buses after June 1.  Today, it’s now been 35 days since shuttle bus service ran along the light rail line after service was suspended from the shootings of May 26.  This second tragedy stemming from the May 26 shootings has caused over 4,000 current light rail riders to find other means to get to work or medical appointments.

Below: how YOU can help have VTA restore shuttle buses to run in place of light rail, until that system is fully ready again.

Here We Go Again

Could another assault on working families, the elderly, and the disabled be on the horizon?  That may soon be the case.  This Friday morning at 9:00am, the Board of Directors of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) will discuss a proposal to reduce bus and light rail service by as much as 30% next year.

If at all possible, speak up during Public Comment at the VTA Board of Directors’ workshop on Friday morning at 9:00am.  There, Board Members will discuss the service cut proposals on Agenda Item 3.1. Let the VTA Board know what public transit means to YOU, and that they must do whatever is needed to preserve your bus service.  One of the VTA Board members supports use of 2016 Measure B funding to preserve as much transit service as possible.

Here’s information on how YOU can be heard in the online teleconference by computer or your own telephone.

View the video of the teleconference above, starting at 9am Friday morning.

More information on what you can do to help stave off VTA’s latest service cut proposal will be posted this weekend.

Eugene Bradley
Founder & CEO, Silicon Valley Transit Users

Monica Mallon contributed to this report.


December VTA Board Meeting Highlights

Key events occurred at the December 5, 2019 Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Board Of Directors’ meeting.  County Supervisor Cindy Chavez was elected Board Chair for 2020.  By an 8-4 vote, Sunnyvale City Council Member Glenn Hendricks was elected Board Vice-Chair for 2020.  The press for public disclosure of things continued, and more.

Read on for more of what happened at this Board meeting…

Keep Fighting the Good Transit Fight

Also from Monica Mallon:

Please come to the board meeting and make a comment on item 9.5 asking the board to reallocate 2016 Measure B funds from highways to transit operations to improve bus service!!!

Hi folks – This is the *MOST* important VTA Board meeting for the next the YEAR.