This area deals with lobbying the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) for better bus and rail service in Silicon Valley.

  • When making your case, state your name, address (physical, NOT a Post Office Box!), and phone number so someone can follow up with you.
  • Make sure to contact VTA Customer Service FIRST at (408)321-2300 or via their “Tell Us” web form. Ask for a request number and make a record of it in a notebook. Keep this information and refer to it if repeat incidents occur, so that a proper history can be kept.
  • Email addresses of VTA contacts are always firstname.lastname@vta.org unless otherwise noted. For example, if a VTA contact’s name is John Doe, the email address for the contact is john.doe@vta.org.
  • All attempts are made to keep this information as accurate as possible. If you see any information that has changed, please contact us immediately.
  • The information listed here is for YOUR convenience. It does no good if you do not use it. Like all government officials, they work for YOU, as your tax dollars and fares help pay their salaries and benefits.

Addresses For Compliments or Complaints

All letters should be sent to the individual department or project that you are issuing a compliment or complaint about. A copy or separate letter should also to the VTA’s General Manager.  Contact information is below.

Evelynn Tran, General Manager
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
3331 N. First Street, Building B
San Jose, CA 95134-1906

phone (408)321-5559
fax (408)955-0891

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