First Group Meeting Of 2015 This Thursday< 1 min. read

Please join us at our first meeting of 2015 this Thursday, January 29 at 6pm in San Jose.  Meeting agenda is as follows:

  • Things YOU can do to make Bus Rapid Transit on El Camino Real between Palo Alto and San Jose happen
  • How YOU can help make VTA buses and light rail run more on time
  • Other Santa Clara County transit issues you want to discuss

The meeting is expected to be no more than one (1) hour.

Here are VTA bus, rail, and automobile directions on getting to the San Jose Peace & Justice Center. Be advised there is NO live video or audio streaming (yet) for our group meetings. The only way to know what’s going on and how YOU can make taking VTA better: BE THERE.

Bring a pencil or pen and paper (or smartphone/tablet notepad program) for our meeting. This is because information will be given to you during our meeting talks (see agenda above) which you need to make note of.

Please spread the word about our group meetings as needed. ALL ARE WELCOME! See on on Thursday.

Eugene Bradley
Founder, Silicon Valley Transit Users