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VTA 2020 megameasure wish list - june 2019

Planning for a potential public transit ballot measure has started.  A draft list of potential projects as part of “FASTER Bay Area” was first made public at the June 21, 2019 VTA Board Of Directors’ meeting.  Read on for more details…

We were alerted about VTA’s wish list on Twitter.

Here’s the wish list from VTA below. What are your thoughts?

VTA Staff Recommended Programs/Projects for FASTER Bay Area Based on 40-year Projections


101 Corridor Program – $20 Billion
(Potential Projects*- Caltrain Corridor Improvements, Highway 85 Improvements, Caltrain Grade Separations, Managed Lanes, SR 152 Trade Corridor, Ferry Service – Alviso to SF, Highway Interchanges)

Major Arterial Program – $5 Billion
(Potential Projects* – Innovation Corridors on Freeways and Arterials, Signal Systems, High Capacity Transit, Light Rail Enhancements and Speed Improvements, Bus Speed Improvements)

Diridon Intermodal Station – $5 Billion
(Potential Projects* – Diridon Expansion, Airport People Mover)


Fleet Conversion – $2.2 Billion
Conversion to Electric Bus Fleet & Next Generation Light Rail Vehicles

Service and Capacity Enhancements

Equity & Operations Program- $300 Million Annually
(Potential Projects* – Low-income/Discounted Fare Program, Operations & Maintenance, Signal System Operations)

Safety, Resiliency and Sustainability

Bicycle Superhighway – $2.3 Billion
(Potential Projects* – Regional bicycle network)

Enhanced Safety & Security Projects – $1 Billion
(Potential Projects* – Enhanced safety projects throughout bus and rail network, standardized and/or compatible security systems for regional monitoring)

*Partial list

So, what are your thoughts on VTA’s wish list in their part of the FASTER Bay Area proposal? Please comment below.

Eugene Bradley
Founder, Silicon Valley Transit Users


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