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No Group Meeting Until August

For those who follow us: note that there will be no live group meeting on Tuesday.  Instead, a group meeting with a new date will be announced for August.  Please stay tuned for more details.

Eugene Bradley
Founder, Silicon Valley Transit Users

Two New Website Features

Per your email suggestions, two more features have been added to the web site.  Details on these new features are highlighted below.

Being Notified Of New Site Posts

The first of the new features to our web site: being notified of new posts.

After entering your first name and email address, you will be notified by email to verify your subscription.  (This helps prevent abuse.) You will also be given a choice of what specific types of posts to be notified for.  (Advocacy, bike/ped, bus, rail et al.) By default, you will be notified of all post types made.  You will also be given full options – including unsubscribe – to what posts to be notified of.

Your email address will NOT be given to any third party without your written, signed, and dated consent.

Subscribing to Comments On Individual Posts

The second new feature involves being notified of comments made in posts.  You can find this new feature below where you enter comments.

After verifying your subscription to comments for an individual post, you will be notified every time someone makes a new comment for a post.  You will given full options to unsubscribe to comments.

As with new post notifications, your email address will NOT be given to any third party without your written, signed, and dated consent.

Other Features Upcoming

In the works here, are a first-time transit rider’s guide and an online calendar of transit-related events and meetings.  Look for announcements on these features soon.

Eugene Bradley
Founder, Silicon Valley Transit Users


This Wednesday, She Calls Us

VTA Board Member Teresa O’Neill of Santa Clara. Photo courtesy

For the first time, a member of the VTA’s Board of Directors will be joining us for our meeting.  Teresa O’Neill, Santa Clara City Council member, and VTA Board of Directors’ member, will be joining us at our meeting this Wednesday, April 19 to help discuss local transit issues.

Of primary discussion this Wednesday: VTA’s final “Next Network” bus and light rail service restructuring proposal.  That proposal will be voted on by the VTA Board of Directors in May.  Ms. O’Neill will be dialing in remotely as she is out of town for a public transit meeting.

Meeting details and agenda are below…

This Tuesday: Our First Meeting Of 2017

Our group’s first meeting of 2017 will be in San Jose this coming Tuesday at 6pm.  There, we’ll have more discussion about VTA’s proposed “Next Network” bus restructuring proposal. That will include some additional talking points for you and others to bring up and follow up on at the public meetings VTA will hold throughout the county in February.

TIME & DATE: Tuesday, January 31 at 6pm
PLACE: San Jose Peace & Justice Center, 48 S 7th Street, San Jose.  The Peace & Justice Center is 1/2 block north of the San Jose State University Campus
GETTING THERE: Read this map of the area around the Peace & Justice Center, and details on VTA buses and light rail that stop nearby.

Bring a pencil/pen and paper with you to our meeting for note taking. Also, be ready to start taking action on what we discuss.

Please distribute this invitation to everyone where (legally) permitted. ALL ARE WELCOME!

Eugene Bradley
Founder, Silicon Valley Transit Users

Agenda For Our Last Meeting Of 2016

svtru group gathering 07262016

On behalf of our group, I want to wish you a Happy (and safe) Thanksgiving.

Want to help make public transportation in Santa County better for everyone?  Please join us on Tuesday, November 29 for our last meeting of 2016.  At our last meeting for 2016, we will discuss:

  • Your thought’s on VTA’s “Next Network” transit restructuring proposal and what YOU can do.  (Read more about the VTA “Next Network” proposal.)
  • The impact of “Measure B” – its passage and where transit goes from here
  • increased safety issues on buses and trains and what YOU can do to help
  • other issues YOU have with VTA buses and trains, and how we can solve them together

TIME & DATE: Tuesday, November 29 at 6pm SHARP
PLACE: San Jose Peace and Justice Center, 48 S. 7th Street, San Jose
GETTING THERE: It’s about 50 yards south of E. Santa Clara Street in downtown San Jose, and near many VTA bus lines like the 22, 64, 522 Rapid, 72 and 73. It’s also a short walk from the Santa Clara (Street) light rail stop.  Here is a map of the area around the Peace and Justice Center in downtown San Jose.

Bring a pencil or pen and paper so you can take down notes on what to do.

Approving sales tax ballot measures every few years to improve transit is never enough.  Whining from behind your keyboard changes nothing.  Better only happens when we learn TOGETHER and fight TOGETHER in person.

Power to the people.  See you on Tuesday.

Eugene Bradley
Founder, Silicon Valley Transit Users