Highlights Of the Big Biennial Budget Meeting

The budget for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) has been approved.  Also, light rail is officially on its way to Eastridge Mall.  The video above chronicles last night’s VTA Board Of Directors’ meeting.

Read on for more highlights on how our transit funding proposal was received….

Our Proposal To Increase Bus Service Funding

Here’s how the VTA Board Of Directors responded to our proposal to increase funding for bus service at last night’s meeting:

Here’s how San Jose Mayor (and VTA Board Member) Sam Liccardo responded to Ms. Mallon and our proposal:

Monica, I appreciated your comments.  Roadway projects come overwhelming from restricted funds – we can’t simply shift money from highways to transit construction, because many of the federal, state, and regional dollars are allocated by formulas and grants [with] legal restrictions.

It’s interesting, given Mayor Liccardo’s quote in Medium on highway expansion…

Our group will continue to follow up on this in future VTA Board Of Directors’ meetings and workshops this summer. We’ll have details on how YOU can help make it happen as well.

Eugene Bradley
Founder, Silicon Valley Transit Users