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Also from Monica Mallon:

Please come to the board meeting and make a comment on item 9.5 asking the board to reallocate 2016 Measure B funds from highways to transit operations to improve bus service!!!

Hi folks – This is the *MOST* important VTA Board meeting for the next the YEAR.


We at Silicon Valley Youth Climate Action need 100 people to show up! According to Supervisor Cindy Chavez, we need a turnout of at least 100 commenters to get the reallocation of Measure B funding to achieve a 3/4 majority vote.

After months of advocacy, exploring ways to improve bus service through reallocating Measure B funds will finally be on the agenda at the December 5th VTA Board meeting. This is a huge opportunity for VTA to make progress on reducing emissions from the #1 source of emissions in every city in the County, transportation. The reallocation will shift funds from unsustainable transportation (highway expansions) to sustainable transportation without raising taxes.

We will have the opportunity to get up to $50 million a year until the tax ends in 30 years for sustainable transportation. This would be enough money to run an additional 120 buses (they currently run ~380 during peak) every day.

  • 10,000+ students depend on public transit to get to San Jose State University (SJSU).
  • 10,000+ students depend on public transit to get to De Anza College.

That’s not even counting the number of high school or younger students and senior citizens that depend on public transit. Yet VTA has been CUTTING service almost continuously for 20 years.

Please make a public comment encouraging the board to reallocate Measure B funds from highways to transit operation (bus service). You can focus on who better transit would reduce GHG emissions, your personal story with transit, how better transit will make your life better, etc. You don’t have to be a current transit rider.

If the board decides to move forward with this, and we get a vote in early 2020, we will have much better service in 2021. IF they don’t move forward with it, we will have to wait another year. This is a very critical meeting. Please SHOW UP!

What To Do

  1. Come, come, come to the Dec 5th VTA Board Meeting anytime between 5:30-7:00pm to give a 2-minute comment about why public transit matters!
  2. Include in your comment: (1) name and residence, (2) affiliations, (3) why you support better bus services, (4) ask for “a reallocation of Measure B funds from highways to transit operations”.

Make a public comment during Item 9.5 (the future of public transit) or Item 5 (general public comment) asking the board to reallocate Measure B funds from highways to transit operations to improve bus service. If your public comment is *during* item 9.5, the board will he able to directly respond to comments and have a discussion. The board isn’t allowed to respond or have a discussion during general public comment (Item 5).

Judy Purrington also reminds us to be ready to have your comments reduced to one (1) minute, in case there are many people wishing to speak.

Finally, meet outside of the meeting room after public comments to take a group photo.

While You’re At It…

Also, PLEASE FILL OUT THE VTA SURVEY (*short). On Item 6, be sure to ask to switch to an *elected* board. We must have greater accountability.  You can find that survey here.  Survey ends December 4.  Some more background on that survey is here.

What If I Can’t Make Thursday’s Board Of Directors’ Meeting?

Contact the VTA Board Of Directors’ member representing you in Santa Clara County.  Some key people on the VTA Board to contact:

  • Teresa O’Neill (Santa Clara City Councilmember) current VTA Board Chair – (408)615-2250
  • Cindy Chavez (County Supervisor) VTA Board Vice Chair- (408)299-5020
  • Raul Peralez (San Jose City Councilmember) – (408)535-4903
  • Larry Carr, Morgan Hill City Councilmember – (408)779-7259
  • John McAllister, Mountain View City Councilmember – email:

What’s Going On?

Reallocating 2016 Measure B money to fund more bus and light rail service in Santa Clara County.


Thursday, December 5 at 5:30pm


Board of Supervisors’ Chambers, County Government Center, 70 West Hedding Street, San Jose, CA 95110

Getting There

VTA’s 61, 62, 66, and 181 express bus lines, as well as light rail, stop at Civic Center station. County Government Center is one block north of Civic Center station.


Forced to drive in traffic in Silicon Valley due to VTA’s service cuts over the last 10 years?  Please show up to this key meeting Thursday evening.

Fed up with poor VTA bus and light rail service?  Please show up to this key meeting Thursday evening.


Need a ride or carpool? Contact us at


Most of this message is from Monica Mallon.  Meanwhile, I’ll see you all Thursday afternoon.

Eugene Bradley
Founder, Silicon Valley Transit Users