Catching Up On Things< 1 min. read

Hello. This is Eugene Bradley, Founder of the Silicon Valley Transit Users.

I’ve had several emergencies come up on my day job over the last few months requiring my attention. This is why you haven’t seen any updates here recently, beyond public transit outages.

Now that those emergencies have subsided, here are some stories I’m working on right now:

  • How some transit agencies in the Bay Area – and nationwide – will soon run out of money to run buses and trains. This story will also include how YOU can help make things better for these agencies, at the California state level.
  • How some San Jose-area public transit projects received money from the state and federal government recently. This will also include local transit projects not talked about in the local press.
  • How the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) wants input from YOU to help improve bus stops throughout Santa Clara County. This also includes some ideas I personally have on how this can be done.
  • What our group – and others – have done recently to help further improve public transit in Santa Clara County.

Stay tuned for these articles – and more as needed – in the coming weeks.

Eugene Bradley
Founder, Silicon Valley Transit Users