Driver Shortage At VTA2 min. read

Ever wonder why your Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) bus or light rail train sometimes does not show up as scheduled? VTA has a shortage of drivers, that’s why.

More on what is going on – and what YOU can do to get VTA to resolve this latest crisis – is below.


Recently, there have been reports on social media from riders on how VTA buses never show up as scheduled.  Statements from some of those affected are below.

The driver shortage has sometimes affected VTA light rail service.  In particular, service shutdowns on the Almaden light rail shuttle.

This tweet from John Courtney of ATU Local 265 refers to what VTA has done to help create this latest crisis…

Actions Taken To Address the Issue

On behalf of our group, I have written a letter to VTA inquiring about the driver shortage.  It is a follow-up to testimony I made at the VTA Board Of Directors’ meeting on October 3.

As of noon October 16, I have not heard back from VTA regarding their driver shortage.

What Can I Do?

If you are not doing this already, contact VTA Customer Service every time your bus or light rail train does not show up as scheduled.  This helps let them know what is going on, and that it needs to be addressed immediately.  Don’t know how? Here’s steps on how to contact VTA officials directly.

Also, learn who represents YOU on the VTA Board Of Directors.  Contact that person today. Let him or her know how no-show VTA buses and light rail affect your ability to get to work, school, appointments, or other destinations.

What’s Going On?

A driver shortage at VTA has resulted in buses that do not show up as scheduled.  It has also resulted in occasional shut downs of portions of VTA light rail, as documented above.

Who’s Responsible at VTA?

  • Decision-makers on the VTA Board Of Directors
  • Nuria L. Fernandez, General Manager and CEO at VTA. (408)321-5559
  • Dale Austin Jenkins, Interim Chief Operating Officer. (408)321-5559


The only chance we all have in getting VTA to prioritize bus and light rail service: when we all speak together to demand better.  Let’s work together to make VTA better starting NOW.

Eugene Bradley
Founder and CEO, Silicon Valley Transit Users