Labor Day Weekend Transit Update

This is your 2011 Labor Day Weekend Transit Update. It’s your Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and Caltrain guide to events this weekend like the opening weekend of college football at Stanford and in San Francisco. In addition, the update has public transit information and tips for events taking place this weekend like:

  • San Francisco Giants & San Jose Giants Baseball
  • Identity Festival in Mountain View
  • “Islamic Science Rediscovered” at the Tech Museum in SJ

Specific details are below. Note that many public transit services will be running on a Sunday (Holiday) schedule on Monday to honor Labor Day.

VTA Board Meeting Notes-Sept. 1, 2011

Last night, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Board of Directors approved a BART Project Labor Agreement (PLA) to govern work on the initial phase of bringing BART into Silicon Valley. The VTA Board also approved a labor agreement with its unions (SEIU and TACA) and also approved a land purchase near Eastridge Mall in San Jose. The goal of the Eastridge Mall land purchase was to rebuild and reconfigure the Eastridge Mall Transit Center to make it more user-friendly and more accessible for bus (and future light rail) riders going to the mall.

The most disturbing part of last night’s VTA Board meeting came during the “Public Presentations” portion at the beginning of the meeting. During “Public Presentations” two (2) black VTA bus drivers mentioned that 1 passenger had been making racial slurs at them on multiple occasions, and had requested VTA to take action against this passenger.

As a fellow VTA bus passenger who is also black, this disturbs me. It should also disturb other racial minorities as well. Not to be preachy or anything, but we have to learn to respect one another. At minimum, this passenger making these racial slurs must be identified ASAP, arrested by the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, and charged with disturbing the peace. My greatest fear is that, left unchecked and unpunished, this passenger will resort to violence to express his (or her) racial hatred.

If you take any VTA bus or light rail train, and you see someone using racial slurs against another, call it out to them. If you are experiencing this as a bus driver or light rail operator, I would not only contact my line supervisor, but also I would directly call the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office (or VTA Protective Services) and have the offending passenger removed from the vehicle with proper legal charges filed.

If there is one thing that does NOT belong on public transportation, it is racism and disrespect toward others. It not only serves to destroy transit ridership, it also reflects poorly on our society.

Eugene Bradley
Founder, Silicon Valley Transit Users

Weekend Transit Update-8/27/2011

This is your Silicon Valley Weekend Transit Update for the weekend of August 27, 2011.

This guide will feature Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) bus, light rail, and Caltrain options to the following events this weekend:

  • California Home Garden and Design Show @ Santa Clara County Fairgrounds
  • Italian Festa @ Guadalupe River Park
  • San Francisco Giants baseball vs. Houston