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  1. Today Friday Oct 2nd 2015 at 800 am the female drive of bus line 522 driving bus #1018 was rude. She was behind another bus and was in a intersection. As I was waiting with other bus riders 4 the bus to leave so that the 522 current solar panel hours to Jr. However the drivers pulled off and left us. We were able to catch up and get on. However as we were telling the driver she should wait for the other bus to clear and not leave the riders she replied “oh well your on the bus now” I feel it was very rude and unprofessional

  2. How can you allow this? It is Nomikai’s trash. 48 S 1st street.
    1 of two or three along the Santa Clara light rail station.
    Full overflowing stinky trash, recycling, bags and boxes of trash on the ground.
    How can you allow this? It is Nomikai’s trash. 48 S 1st street.
    1 of two or three along the Santa Clara light rail station.

    It stinks. It is disrespectful of the VTA riders, locals, and visitors.
    It help keep San Jo’ a Ghetto.
    It is a shame.
    It is a VTA, Downtown Association, City of San Jo’ , County, and your problem.


    Andrew Dyer
    Santa Cruz, CA

  3. I took the 25 to So. Bascom to catch the 62 south so I could get to work, sat there for a full hour with no bus!!!! Ended up having to take a cab, glad I had some money. I was late for work and almost lost my job. Thanks VTA. It takes me over an hour just to go 6.5 miles. I rely on the bus system to get to my job, I pay the monthly fee for a Clipper pass, and it would be really nice if the bus could be a little more reliable. Also, this is not the first time I have been late because of a late bus. 62 if awful!!!!! 62 drivers need an attitude adjustment, especially the one (weekday driver who refuses to give her name) that is going to drive until she drops. Hope you all have a nice Holiday!

    • Tiffani:

      If you have not done this already, make sure to contact VTA about this directly. Here is information with steps you need on how to address this to VTA directly:


      Note the exact time you were at the bus stop and the time that the (late) 25 bus was supposed
      to show up. Send this information to VTA using the steps listed in the web address I mentioned.

      Based on the date this comment was filed (yesterday, Saturday) make sure you are following the Saturday schedule for the 25 bus, to avoid any confusion at VTA’s or your end.

      Let us know what happens when you follow this process above.

      Eugene Bradley
      Founder, Silicon Valley Transit Users

  4. Hi. I’m trying to find the rate history of the San Jose public bus system. Specifically, in the late 70’s, there was a rate hike from 45c to 50c. I would like to know what year that happened. Can’t seem to find it online. Can you please help me out?

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