When & Where We Meet

Details on where and when we meet are below:

  • PLACE: San Jose Peace & Justice Center (in the 1st floor conference room)
  • WHERE: 48 South 7th Street in San Jose.
  • GETTING THERE: It’s about 50 yards south of E. Santa Clara Street in downtown San Jose, and near many VTA bus lines like the 22, 64, 522 Rapid, 72 and 73. It’s also a short walk from the Santa Clara (Street) light rail stop.

Full meeting agenda and details are posted on our main page, about 4-7 days before the meeting. Please contact us if you can’t make our meetings but want to contribute.

  3 comments for “When & Where We Meet

  1. Except June 27 had zero folks show up. Is there a way to tell if there is an actual meeting planned?

    • Rowan:

      Thank you for contacting our group.

      First, I must apologize for not being in San Jose on June 27. There has been some sickness I’ve had to deal with in my family over the last month. I’ve only yesterday gotten consistent access to a computer to update things.

      On another related note, we may be moving our meetings to every last Thursday instead of Tuesday. This is because many City Council meetings in Santa Clara County hold their meetings on Tuesdays. We are learning that, at these meetings, new housing and other new buildings are being approved which influence VTA bus and light rail ridership. Our members will be encouraged to go to these City Council meetings where needed.

      In the future, people will be advised to check our web site (www.svtransitusers.org) or call met at (408)888-2208 at least 48 hours before a scheduled group meeting, to confirm that such a meeting will take place. Even if the agenda is as simple an “open” discussion, no agenda will mean no meeting that day.

      Please suggest other ways our group can help improve outreach. Thank you once again for writing our group.

      Eugene Bradley
      Founder, Silicon Valley Transit Users

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