Hoedown At the Hofbrau< 1 min. read

The first of the debates for Measure B took place on Monday.  At the Santa Clara County Democratic Club at Harry’s Hofbrau in San Jose, both sides debated Measure B – VTA’s latest transportation sales tax proposal. Santa Clara County Supervisor and current VTA Board Chair Cindy Chavez debated the for side. Gladwyn D’Souza, San Carlos Belmont Group Chair at Sierra Club’s Loma Prieta Chapter, debated the against side.

Who do YOU think won last night’s Measure B debate? Please comment below.

Eugene Bradley
Founder, Silicon Valley Transit Users

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  1. Gladwyn D’Souza won the debate. He showed that Measure B will not solve the traffic problem, and we really should focus on mass transit. He illustrated his message with examples of European cities, where people get about quickly without getting in automobiles.
    Cindy Chavez began by admitting Measure B is flawed. By the end of the debate, she was agreeing with D’Souza that we should emulate European cities. I got the impression she is not thrilled with Measure B. About the only thing she had to say for it was that we will get matching funds if we pass it.

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